We are a conservationist minded company. We've got to have balance in the world. You can't use everything up today, hoping it will be there tomorrow.

We are very interested in helping individuals and companies get green products off the ground. We are offering significant discounts for design  and engineering services, to customers developing  eco-friendly products.

100% of our electricity is purchased through Portland General Electric's

"Green Source" initiative for 100% renewable, eco-friendly power. See link on links page. It costs about 8% more to buy this "green energy" and we do not pass this cost on to the customer. This is not to be mistaken for the "Clean-Wind" initiative, which is only 50% renewable.

Prototyping is not a very green process but it is a necessary process. To make the best of it, we ultilized 3D CAD/CAE in product and process design, engineering and simulation to reduce physical develop processes that create waste or use chemicals and solvents.

We recycle everything possible and use green-friendly products wherever possible.

We recycle packing materials and use recycled materials for packing and shipping whenever possible.

We use email for paperless billing to invoice our clients.

We distill and reuse our solvents.

All hazardous waste created at our facility is collected and disposed of through our local hazardous waste disposal program.

Note: Just because it's made of wood, doesn't make it green. We reserve the right to be the sole judge of whether a product can be considered "green" or eco-friendly as it applies to our discounted service rates.

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